The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer — has spotted a star that very closely orbits the galactic center’s black hole — pretty much ‘just in time’ to see its nearest approach

Regarding general relativity — 2018 will give us a glimpse of gravitation’s effect on a star that passes just 17 light hours distance from the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. The orbiting sun will be traveling at about 2.5 percent of the speed of light.

In some instances, oral antibiotics appear to increase the number of Salmonella in the colon — causing colitis and worse

A new finding suggests that oral antibiotics sometimes result in colitis because — they encourage mucosal cells located at the beginning of the large intestine (cecum) — to produce nitric oxide radicals — which oxidize sugars into sugar acids like galactarate — which Salmonella bacteria feed on to expand their trouble causing numbers.